Acino established an appropriate Quality System and Quality Assurance department to ensure high quality of our products for the patients that use Acino products.

  • Quality control and assurance is defined as “monitoring and evaluating how effectively the structures and processes have been established and how effectively the processes are being carried out [IR520/2012 Art 8(3)].”
  • Product Quality Complaint (PQC) is defined as “product complaint that relate to quality.”

Why do we report Product Quality Complaints (PQCs)?

  • An adequate system for handling complaints from receipt, through risk-assessment, investigation with root cause analysis and determination of subsequent corrective and preventive actions is more than just a requirement.
  • It gives Acino an opportunity to improve the quality of its products continuously, specifically the manufacturing process and the control methods, after Acino products have been released to the market or are ready for shipment. It thus reduces potential losses and undesirable cost arising from undetected problems and helps to satisfy customers.

Who can report Product Quality Complaints?

All community members are encouraged to report Product Quality Complaints.

How to report a Product Quality Complaint?

  • Please fill out our electronic form below, which is submitted to our QA department.
  • OR, call us on +966 55 356 1871 or email us on QA-KSA@acino.swiss

    All fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory

    General Information:

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    *Expiry date

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