Key figures

  • Group sales
  • Sales % in emerging markets
  • Employees
  • >€525m
  • >80%
  • 2,715
  • for full-year in 2021
  • in 2021
  • as of end of 2021

Growing in selected markets

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, we support physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals with outstanding medicinal products in using the safest and most effective remedies.

Acino has been known for a long time as a reliable partner in the manufacturing of high quality pharmaceutical products with proven and innovative active ingredients and advanced and refined drug delivery systems. Our product portfolio of effective and safe medications across a variety of therapeutic areas are a valuable additional benefit for healthcare professionals and patients in our selected markets.

Our pharmaceuticals contribute to an enhanced quality of life of patients in selected emerging markets under our own brand ‘Acino Switzerland’.

Today, we are active in over 85 countries. But here it doesn’t stop. With our strategic focus on the Middle East, Africa, Ukraine and the CIS Region (Commonwealth of Independent States) including Russia, and Latin America we are operating in some of the fastest growing economies of the world, with rapidly evolving healthcare systems and consumer needs.

Through our own sales force and distribution partnerships, we have in-depth knowledge of our markets and access to over 700 dedicated sales and marketing representatives. Our Swiss quality reputation and local presence and understanding have made Acino a trusted provider in challenging areas. As a Swiss company we do business applying high quality and compliance standards to all our products and our relationships with customers, partners and employees.